About Us

British Company Founded in 2019

Growing up, always been interested in the mechanics and details of watches, then seeing my sister collect them over the years; to then purchasing one as a way to remember my Grandad whom sadly passed in 2010. Realising that it was these experiences that influenced the journey of Aubert Cavallo.
We are Aubert Cavallo, a youthful highly motivated company specialising in comfortable, luxury and most importantly affordable wear. 
Passion driven, we believe in great deals, and excellent customer service, which is why we commit ourselves to giving you the best of both! 
We are excited to exceed your expecatations and deliver an amazing customer experience to you, our valued customer.
If your looking for something new your in the right place!

Directly to you

Aubert Cavallo believe in high quality styles at fair prices you can afford, bringing an element of luxury directly to you.

 Founder: Emily Cobert